PrimGen is the non-human primate (NHP) division of PreLabs, exclusively focused on facilitating innovative NHP research solutions. The PrimGen division was formed to offer comprehensive, client-driven and quality services including:

  • Sourcing/Sales
  • Genetics & Breeding
  • Quarantine
  • Bio & Tissue Processing
  • Management
  • Housing
  • Logistics
  • Consultancy

Our focus on implementing the 3 R’s (Replacement, Refinement & Reduction) enables us to advance the biomedical research community’s commitment to improving the quality of human and animal life.

Our facilities meet USDA and AAALAC International accreditation standards and are supported by AALAS certified technical staff

Regional Distribution & Support Centers in:

  •  Illinois
  •  Florida
  •  Missouri
  •  New Jersey
  •  New York
  •  Pennsylvania
  •  Texas